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Five Ways To Make Your Garage Greener

While owning a garage door is imperative to your comfort and convenience, getting a high electric bill every month isn’t always easy to handle. By taking the proper actions, you can not only lower your monthly electric bill, but you can also improve the energy efficiency and green consciousness of your home. Below are five of the most common ways to make your garage door greener.

Garage Door LED Bulb

The latest garage doors have light bulbs attached to the garage door device. Rather than guzzle energy with a traditional lightbulb, it is best to use a garage door light that utilizes an LED bulb. The LED bulb is preferable over an incandescent light because it does not use up as much energy and it also provides you with the right amount of light to utilize your garage safely.

Insulated Garage Door

Another popular option to turn your garage door into greener technology is to have an insulated garage door installed. In most cases, homeowners own garage doors that are thin, flimsy, and unable to keep cool and warm air during the respective months within the home. As a result, energy and electricity are wasted. In order to prevent waste and to keep your electric costs low, it is best to install a garage door that is insulated. An insulated garage door will prevent energy from leaving the home, thereby keeping your energy costs low.

Exhaust Fan Installation

In any instances, your garage can become congested, leaving dangerous fumes in your garage. The best way to prevent this problem and to create a greener garage is to have exhaust fans installed. With an exhaust fan in your garage, you can easily cool your garage without spending additional money on cooling costs, the ventilation will improve, you can prevent condensation, and it protects the materials in your garage. Exhaust fans are also green technology, so that you can feel good about the efficiency of your home.

Application of Paint and Finishes

While it may seem unlikely, the paint and finish application process to your garage door can affect how green your garage is. There are some companies out there that have adopted methods that improve how green your garage is by saving energy and keeping the hot or cold air in your garage when necessary. To find the right paint and finishes, speak to your garage door repair company to ensure that you’re getting the best for your garage.

Conserve Water When Washing Vehicles

Washing your vehicle in your garage can waste a lot of water. Rather than end up with a high water bill at the end of the month, there are certain improvements that your garage door specialist can make in your garage to help you save water. These improvements include greener water collection technology, water channels, and water movement that is directed towards areas that needs water. By adding water conservation technology and undertaking the steps above, you can make your garage into a perfectly green space.

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